Jet Set Graphic Design was established as a private firm in 1967 by Marion Pretorius, under the name Exakta-Kopie. When the company was registered, she had to forfeit the name and go with Jet Set, which was a supporting company for Kopie-Rite (Pty) Limited (a printing company which was owned jointly by Marion and Dawie Pretorius for 20 years).

In 1986 the printing firm was sold and on the auditor’s advice Jet Set was changed first to a Company under the name Jet Set Photosetting and then later to a CC, Jet Set Graphic Design.

On the design and typesetting side, Jet Set has seen some seven major technological changes over its 40-year existence – and is still keeping up with the latest developments.

Rina Eksteen took over Jet Set in 2012 when Dawie Pretorius retired. She is now the sole owner and director.